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Questions and Answers

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


I'm new to propane, what do I need to know?


This is a great site for lot's of general propane information

Do you charge any extra delivery fees?

We don't add any charges to regular deliveries.

Do I need a leak check?

  • If you smell propane you need a leak check

  • If you have made any change to your system, such as adding or removing an appliance, you need a leak check

  • If your tank runs out of fuel you need a leak check

Do you have a minimum order amount?

200 gallons is the minimum order to be eligible for the discount price. We will deliver 150 gallons as a minimum order but the price is higher.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

We have several options to tailor your propane payment choices. Click Here for more information.

Do you offer emergency delivery and or service?

We offer emergency service for established customers please call for more information on specific needs.

Should I lease or buy a tank?

When you lease a tank from Queen City Gas we cover all of the required maintenance and repair of the tank for the duration of the lease. If you buy a tank you are responsible for maintenance and arranging/paying for any maintenance or repair. When leasing a tank you are required to purchase all fuel from the company you lease the tank through. If you own your tank you can purchase fuel from any company you choose. Note that industry best practice is a safety inspection and leak check should be performed anytime you change suppliers.

What if I want to change providers but I don't own the propane tank?

The company you are switching to will typically contact your current supplier and make the necessary arrangements for you. Your new company should obtain written permission from your current company to disconnect, set aside, and possibly pump remaining propane into your new propane tank. The old tank is then moved to a convenient location for pickup. The process normally takes a few days to get things arranged and a couple of hours to actually make the change.

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